LinkedIn: 4 reasons it’s ready to Blast Off 

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LinkedIn is a business social network where you put your resume and all of your professional accomplishments. In 2016 it was bought by Microsoft. All of these facts put LinkedIn most likely at the bottom of any social network that you thought had any influence. However, for the lucrative B2B market and the up and coming b2B influencers, LinkedIn is the hot spot. 

LinkedIn audiences are niche and hard to reach

Selling a phone is relatively easy to selling noSQL databases. However if database administrators follow you on LinkedIn, you’ve aggregated a very valuable audience to database manufacturers, like Oracle, SAP, or MongoDB. Even if you are just providing information to your audience, you are getting brands into the consideration set which for a B2B sale is a big deal (see next point). Regardless, LinkedIn is the place where it is a given that you will let people know what you do for a living, whether its administrating databases, selling real estate, or booking travel. 

LinkedIn gets to niche audiences

B2B dollars can be higher per campaign

Using the phone example again, there are a handful of companies selling mobile phones, from Apple to Android manufacturers. In the database world (using this example again), there are dozens. With more B2B companies, there are more dollars to spread around. In addition, these aren’t simple decisions.

Once your organization decides to go with a particular database, cloud provider, spreadsheet maker, etc, it is near impossible to switch. Thus the life time value of a B2B customer is multiples more than a consumer phone where number portability has made it possible to switch constantly.

However, B2B campaigns still dwarf consumer ones. GroupM reports that of all the influencer marketing campaigns that it works on, about 1.5% is attributed to business campaigns. (B2B campaigns brought in close to 12 Billion dollars while total media accounted for about 780 billion).  So yes, a drop in the bucket, today….

Key decision makers and non socials are on here

LinkedIn is a professional network where it is a given that you will put your name, title, and job history. With that being said, it is easy to look at one’s connections and see what level of influence you might have. In addition, because of the high profile nature of some CEO’s and high level executives, they might not be so explicit when browsing social networks. However on LinkedIn, they have an opportunity to be themselves.

There are also many people that are not on Facebook or Instagram (or for that matter Snap or TikTok) but they are on LinkedIn. Bankers, lawyers, and other professionals usually have very limited footprints in the social networks, but can be found on this professional network.

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Content is written (not acted or modeled)

If you are a creator, LinkedIn might be a great place to show off your knowledge. Unlike the more visual social networks, LinkedIn is still dominated by text. You can write and show off your viewpoints and opinions regardless of how camera friendly you might be. Google, for now, is still primarily text based so many of these posts can show up in search engine results pages, driving additional traffic to your story, and potentially new followers.

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However, it seems that people are slowly catching onto LinkedIn as the secret weapon. The site reports that close to 150k profiles have “creator” in their job title as of last December, an increase of 16%. Better get in while its still growing!

Are you on LinkedIn as an influencer? Do you work with companies that are strictly B2B? Drop us a note and let us know what you think!

LinkedIn: 4 reasons it’s ready to Blast Off  via @famecastmedia

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