Leverage Artificial intelligence to create masterful images

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay

Artificial Intelligence: You’ve heard about it in the news, in the movies, and on television. You might think of it as something that symbolizes the sentience of machines and computers but most likely you’ve used it. It’s Artificial Intelligence or shortened to AI and it means that computers can think, just like you can.

We previously talked about using stock photos in your posts. Stock photos have their place but you are missing out on other channels to drive traffic including image search. Yet, how can you spend the time with a photoshoot when you are busy running all the other aspects of your business? With artificial intelligence you can solve your problem of finding images. 

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Yankees + Jackson Pollock

Salvador Dali and Wall-E’s child

Introducing Dall-E, a play on Disney character Wall E and the famous surrealist painter, Salvador Dali. By using the Dall-E tool, it combines the strings input to form an image. Prior to this AI art made a splash by selling for 45 times its estimated value at Christies. The Paris based art collective Obvious made the generative art of Portrait of Edmond Belamy which sold for a whopping $432,000 (with fees). (To be fair, this is a far cry from Beeple’s record sales price of $69 million, but that was ensconced in controversy, cheap money, and crypto-hype).

I tried to make a few images using Dall-E and while the more obscure terms I used yielded worse results (expected), some of the results were not bad. This could lead to not only photos to replace your stock images but also some eye catching art and instagram ledes. Depending on the topic of your blog posts, you could also get the exact images you want! The images scattered throughout this post are from pop culture references with famous, or relatively famous, artists: Spongebob Dali, Poodle Picasso, Yankees Jackson Pollock, and Famecast Matisse. 

While the technology is not perfect and typically won’t get you the exact image in your mind’s eye, it can only get better. Accordingly, the creators of Dall-E don’t want their technology to be used for public figures or politicians (understandingly), don’t want their images to be commercialized (so you wouldn’t be able to sell Poodle Picasso for $400,000 at an auction house), and everytime you use their technology to disclose that the images were made by artificial intelligence, which we are doing right now!

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Famecast + Matisse (hmm)

Art’s Future

Will this be the end of human artists? Text based artificial intelligence GPT-3, which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, has already taken basic concepts like weather, corporate earnings, baseball box scores, and economic indicators and turned them into narratives. While we saw this happening for some time, it frees up these reporters and journalists to dig deeper into various stories and come up with the analysis which a computer can’t do currently. 

Art is always about pushing boundaries. There’s always a friend that sees a Jackson Pollock and says “I could do that.” However, they won’t be a good match for the Yankee Jackson Pollock image in this article. Artists will continue to hone their own style and lifecycle. As they say in the actor’s world, when you start out, people ask, “Who is X actor?” then “Get me X actor” then “Get me X actor type” and finally, “Who is X actor?” 

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SpongeBob + Jonas Wood

We don’t think that artificial intelligence will replace human actors in the short run, however it will definitely improve your blog posts, make them more findable in search, and possibly drive more clicks with those unique mashup pictures!

Are you using artificial intelligence knowingly in your work? Let us know what kind of AI you are using and how you find it to be. Does it help make your work more streamlined? Save you time? Produce better products? Drop us a line and let us know!

Leverage Artificial intelligence to create masterful images via @famecastmedia

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