Influencers: 5 tweaks to thrive!


We’ve now heard all of the horror stories of influencers blowing up and either losing a lot of their following or losing their coveted sponsors. The isolation of the pandemic has made people forget that someone on the other side of that Zoom is an actual person! That being said, we came up with 5 quick tips that are pretty easy to follow in the quest to become a better influencer!

Wait until you post

Sometimes there are times when you feel that you need to tell your following about something in real time. But is this really the case? Rarely are things as time sensitive as you think they might be. Especially if the incident involves yourself and someone else, take a moment to reflect on the post. Can you see why the other person did what they did? Sometimes people do stupid things, but don’t lose followers or sponsors because you don’t like someone. Remember what you put out there lives forever (online and in screenshots). 

Be nice! If there’s nothing nice to say don’t say it

This ties well with our last point. Be positive because everyone screws up. Your social post may end up aging poorly. But in general an account that looks like a complainer’s account loses followers quickly. After all, everyone can have a horrible experience but only a few people (like you!) can have great experiences and that’s why people follow you!

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Don’t threaten sponsors to say bad things about them.

You have a ton of followers. Does this marketing manager not understand that? You can out them pretty quickly and they’ll be out of a job if they don’t listen to me! Don’t think like this! Everyone is doing what they can do to get the project up and out in time and on budget. The marketing manager giving you a hard time is not picking on you; they are simply adhering to guidelines. On top of that, believe me when I say that it’s a small world and you never know how marketing managers and agencies move around!

Understand that money doesn’t grow on trees

People want to pay you what you are worth, but most people overestimate their own worth! Marketers understand customer acquisition cost better than you can. And to be honest, most of an influencers job (at least right now) is very high up in the funnel. Thus unless you choose to be an affiliate marketer, each person you touch with the sponsor’s message at top of the funnel is worth less and less. Also very rarely can a marketing manager make magic budget appear!

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We are all trying to figure things out so be patient with everyone involved!

Influencer marketing is relatively new and with the constant change with platforms, regulations, and advertisers, there are a lot of moving parts! Be patient. We are all on the same team to create a great campaign and to drive awareness and sales for our sponsors. Some brands might be just getting into influencer marketing, some might be old hat, while others might be switching agencies or strategies. Regardless, stay the course and understand what the goals of the campaign are. And some people are not at the same level of understanding as you are!

Influencer marketing is new and uncharted territory. To make things better, remember to be nice, think before you post, and realize that everyone is on your team, even though it doesn’t seem like that sometimes! Have any tips that we can share with our community? Drop us an email and let us know what advice you have for them!

Influencers: 5 tweaks to thrive! via @famecastmedia

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