Influencers Move Crocs


Influencers Move Crocs

Kylie Jenner built her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, simply through her own influence and reach. In addition to Jenner, many influencers have built their own brands on the strength of their following. However, there’s also been many traditional brands that have been resurrected by the power of influencers. 

Hush, but don’t be quiet.

In the Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell specifically mentions the sneaker brand Hush Puppies that was on the brink of death in the early 90’s, selling only about 30,000 pairs. However, because of this, fashionistas in New York’s Soho and East Village neighborhoods began to adopt the Hush Puppy for themselves. Soon enough, celebrities caught onto the trend and the Hush Puppy made a comeback.  A short four years later the company sold 430,000 pairs and then over a million and a half the following year. 

Crocs don’t bite.

Crocs are a popular shoe amongst doctors and other professionals that spend a lot of time on their feet. They’re easy on – easy off capability, comfortability, and durability makes them perfect for this. However those same attributes also make them an easy target for people that saw them as an ugly casual work shoe. Yet, the combination of influencers, the pandemic, and a little luck has given Crocs their own Hush Puppy story. 

The final straw for the Crocs crossover into high fashion was during the last Academy Awards when musical director Questlove wore these “ugly, casual, work” shoes on the Oscar red carpet this year. At least they were spray painted gold. In 2018, rapper Post Malone designed his own Croc, which looked like Swiss cheese. Further collaborations with Latin pop-star Bad Bunny and singer Justin Bieber sold out in minutes.

Earlier this pandemic year, Crocs collaborated with Kentucky Fried Chicken for an eccentric shoe with a drumstick fried chicken (not a real one) on the toe box. Since then collaborations have included artist collaborations with Takashi Murakami, Drew Barrymore, streetwear brand Chinatown Market, Vivienne Tam, Kiss, Psy, Barneys, Vera Bradley, Cars the Movie, and Peeps (yes, the Easter candy). There is strong demand for these rare limited editions as evidenced by the burgeoning secondary marketplaces. m 60592034ff8304e5c3d86b4c

“I’m a minimalist that’s drawn to pieces that are comfortable, but keep my outfits interesting.  I wasn’t fast enough for the KFC, but as a shameless Belieber, I had to get the lavender pair!” Monica Lee, Croc collector opines. 

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All of the eccentricity has paid off as they reported record sales for the first quarter of 2021, rising 64% year over year and possibly posting a 50% increase for the year. Overall the influencer component is burgeoning with digital sales growing by 75% and making up about a third of total sales. 

Crocs don’t have predators

The company is doubling down on their social strategy already having logged 1.6 billion views on TikTok, focusing on shoe charms, and continuing interesting collaborations with celebrities and other brands especially in Asia. The unique nature of the product, low price point, and customization of it, makes it a perfect product for influencers to promote and brand themselves.

The future of Crocs looks promising as they are following the blueprint of influencer brands and influencer culture to entrench themselves as an Instagram staple.

Lessons Learned

Crocs focused on what they do best which is create comfortable “ugly” casual shoes. They outsourced the “hype” and marketing to those that know best how to create value where there seemingly is none, like artists, streetwear, and brands. How does this transfer to your influencer empire? Outsource! Do and focus on what you do best, which is market and influence. 

However you need a product.  Check out Famecast’s e-commerce capabilities and become the next Kylie Jenner. Let Famecast manufacture, fulfill, and operate all of the logistics while you do what you do best, make products go viral. Let’s brainstorm what other brands have made a comeback with their social media and influencer strategies? Are there certain products that you want to sell via your Famecast portal? 

Let us know via email or social media and let’s start selling today!


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